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Prayer for the Diaconate

O Father in Heaven, Holy Trinity regenerative and sustaining, we humbly rejoice, praise, and thank You for the ineffable gift of your Holy Spirit who, throughout the history of your Holy Church, bestows the “Divine Grace which always heals that which is infirm and completes that which is lacking . . .”

Who brought forth a host of faithful servants, enabled, ordained, and sanctified through your transfigurative and life-giving mercy, to serve on Your behalf in many ways, including Your faithful deacons who, likewise, also followed the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in his ultimate diakonia.

Together, we petition through the intercessions of the Deacon Saints: Saint Stephen the Great Proto-martyr, Saint Phoebe of Cenchrea, Saint Ephraim of Syria, Saint Olympias of Constantinople, Saint Romanos the Melodist, and Saint Irene Chrysovalantou.

We beseech you, Father: Hear our petitions to the Saintly Deacons, and embrace our living Church in continuing history.

Lord, You know what Your Church and creation need in order to be led back to You, the eternal Source of the “all in all,” so we may become one in you. 

Lord, as “the laborers are few and the harvest is ripe,” Your Church and creation in numerous places need additional laborers and servants to assist clergy and laity alike, for the building up of your Church in a world starving for your hope, forgiveness, love and life.

Thus, we call on the Saintly Deacons to present our prayers for a full restoration of the ministry of ordained deacons, male and female, wherever needed--ministers who have been made ready by you for your service, as your unfailing love desires, for the sake of your Kingdom.

Grant these, your servants, your love, humility, wisdom, discernment, sobriety, strength, assistance and your very Self to fulfill your holy will.

As it pleases you, O Christ, we ask that Your diaconate grow in strength and numbers in those many places where your presence as Servant is required—as throughout the life of the Church, indeed, deacons have been “needed and necessary” for “many things” pleasing to you.

We pray for those whom you desire to help this happen. Open their hearts and minds, and incline their ear to hear Your Will, so they may be enabled to discern wisely the numerous places this expression of ministry may be necessary. Grant them discernment, compassion, strength, and aid needed to help bring this to fruition.

Enliven their hearts, fortify their love with Your love, enlighten their minds so they may clearly know Your Will and guidance. Direct their steps, protect them from the temptations of the evil one, and shower them with your tender, rich mercy, filling them with your grace so that your holy and life-giving will is fulfilled.

For you are a merciful God, All-mighty and eternal Father, who loves humanity, together with your Only-Begotten Son and with your All-Holy and Gracious and Life-Giving Spirit, now and forever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.

With humility and trust in God’s holy will, I would like to join others in this prayer for the restoration of the ministry of ordained deacons.